The Stills

“A return to simplicity. Fuck the effects, plug in and feel something”
Tim Fletcher (vocals/guitar)


New Releases

June 11th: ‘Without Feathers’ (new album) on Drowned in Sound Recordings:

Critics have hailed it as:

“Another Next Flaming Lips emerges from beneath the librarian’s skirts. In the ‘Neon Bible’ section, of course. 8/10” NME
“It’s unexpectedly upbeat pop, but like The Shins or Death Cab the perkiness veils barbed lyrics.” **** Uncut
“Let’s hope they don’t take so long next time” The Fly
“Without Feathers seems less a continuation of Logic than a valuable complement, cheerful and heartfelt as the latter was somber and stylized” Pitchfork


1. In The Beginning
2. Destroyer
3. Helicopters
4. The House We Live In
5. It Takes Time
6. Monsoon
7. She’s Walking Out
8. Oh Shoplifter
9. Outro
10. Halo The Harpoons
11. Baby Blues
12. Retour A Vega
13. The Mountain

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Upcoming Shows:

In April the Stills embarked upon a national UK tour supporting The Kings of Leon before moving onto the US in June for a full tour of the States.

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About The Stills:


From Montreal via New York, and three years after the release of their much-praised debut, THE STILLS return with a brand new album, on a brand new label, and a much-coveted UK support slot with the Kings Of Leon.

New album “Without Feathers”, released on Drowned In Sound Recordings on 11th June, is the follow-up to 2003’s debut ‘Logic Will Break Your Heart’ and whilst showcasing a line-up shuffle and maturing of sound, it won’t disappoint the Stills-faithful whilst bringing the band to a whole new audience.

Drummer Dave Hamelin (who wrote most of the debut album, as well as Without Feathers) steps up to the mike to share co-frontman duties with vocalist/guitarist Tim Fletcher. Bassist Oliver Corbeil remains, touring keyboardist Liam O’Neil takes a permanent place, with newcomer Julian Blais picking up drumming duties.

With the line-up change, ‘Without Feathers’ was bound to mark a sonic development, and the new album definitely offers a sunnier outlook to the cutting post-punk sentiment of their debut, with their stark tales of love and loss replaced with a glorious smorgasbord of big, organic rock numbers and even (whisper it), alt-country. Lyrically they remain as spiky as ever. Still musing on strained or failed relationships, both in life and with the band, the lyrics often belie the upbeat sound – on ‘Oh Shoplifter’ handclaps and foot stomps accompany words of real betrayal, ‘Destroyer’ a rock anthem with a full horn section to the words ‘I hate you and your blood’.

Recorded in their home town, Montreal, in Canada, the band roped in various fellow Canadians for contributions on the album, including Metric’s The Stills, Sam Roberts and various members of Broken Social Scene.